Manila Masters
Anthony Nicotra
  • Tony N
  • Current Team Team 5472
  • Player Age 16
  • Ingame Role Director of Mechanical

Player Bio

I joined robotics because I had a desire to learn more about technology and wanted to build robots. I wanted to learn more about machines and this was the perfect place for me to explore design. My goal for this season is to create a more organized system for sharing CAD files. Also, I want to collaborate with other team members for the design. I joined FRC robotics my freshman year which was 2017 and I joined FIRST in 2014. My role on the team is I am Co-Director of the Mechanical Department which includes managing the design, manufacturing, and assembly of the robot. My favorite thing about robotics is working on the design process by discussing the different types of intakes with the mentors and other team members. I enjoy designing the CAD and manufacturing parts for the robot using 3-D printers and other technology.

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