Manila Masters
Peter Fields
  • Ink
  • Current Team Team 5472
  • Player Age 17
  • Ingame Role Director of Public Relations

Player Bio

official website I joined the robotics team to be a part of their amazing art department. I am now the Director of Media and Public Relations, and have the ability to to share artistic creations on the team’s buttons, web graphics, press releases, t-shirts and more. Documenting the travels and accomplishments of the team into presentations in the form of award packages for competitions is extremely satisfying and also helps me hone my skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other software that I enjoy. I am an art major and have applied to several art colleges in the Northeast, where I am originally from. My plan is to complete a Master’s in Fine Arts and a Minor in Mandarin, continuing my studies in that specific foreign language. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) offer something for everyone, and the fact that platforms can cross paths, intersect are an added bonus. I am a mixed media artist, working on a team mostly made up of engineers and programmers. My goal as a senior is to ensure that graphics this year are exciting and fun. I want to leave behind a graphic legacy that the Stallion Robotics is proud to recycle for years to come.
  • Public Relations