The electrical department is in charge of making all of the mechanical components function. This entails sending power to the end effectors from the battery, through wires, to the motors. We work with our programmers to make sure the code is properly transmitted to the RoboRIO, which sends the information to the entire electrical system. Under the electrical department, there are two subdivisions: pneumatics and wiring. Pneumatics uses air to power pistons for movement. People in the wiring subdivision organize the control board and make sure the connections are safe and secure.


Responsible for the visually appealing, as well as easily maintainable and extendable wiring of robot subsystems to the RoboRIO and Power Distribution Panel. This division works in tandem with the Pneumatics division to safely implement clean wiring in a timely manner.


Responsible for all pneumatic processes to be implemented on the robot and all hardware associated with these functions, including but not limited to: solenoids, on-board compressors, PCM wiring, and tubing.