Girls in Engineering 

We invited about 20 4th and 5th grade girls into the lab to show them around and give them exposure to robotics and engineering. We made it girls-only because traditionally, girls are under-represented in STEM, even from a young age, and we didn't want the girls to feel overshadowed or intimidated by boys who already may know the skills. We showed them the 3D printers and CNC machine and taught them how to solder wires together and rivet. They all seemed incredibly enthusiastic and we actually inspired a few girls to join the FLL team.


SnapOn Event

One of our sponsors, Snap On Tools, was gracious enough to make our school a location to hold their "Tools of Triumph" event on February 14, 2017. It was an amazing community event and brought mechanics and tool leaders from the community to our school. We were able to showcase not only the tools but also the Stallion Robotics team. Members of the team volunteered to sell food and beverages and raise funds for our robotics program by selling buttons. It was a great way for us to show our sponsors what we are able to create with their tools.


Field Setup/Takedown at the Brazos Valley Regional

At the Brazos Valley Regional, our team volunteered to help with the assembly and disassembly of the field. We arrived the day prior and when the call came in, our team went over to help. We helped to roll out the carpet and set up the airships until late in the evening; everybody did something to help. When the event was over, we stayed behind and took the field apart. "It was really fun and we had the chance to bond with fellow teams," says Justin S.

Hurricane Irma Relief

One of our greatest achievements this year has been holding a unique fundraiser to raise money for a local FRC team affected by Hurricane Irma. After an on-campus poll, we found that the majority of students were interested in buying buttons of their favorite teachers. A group of team members took pictures of 30 different teachers who were eager to participate in the fundraiser, then added signature quotes and catchphrases to make one-of-a-kind buttons. We prepared extensively for this event over the course of several weeks: we advertised far in advance, created hundreds of buttons, and got permission from administration by showing them each button and each teacher’s consent beforehand. A month of preparation paid off in a gross profit of over $750. These funds, as well as team and school donations, went toward buying new equipment for Team 6225, St. Lucie Christian Robotics, after Hurricane Irma flooded their workspace. Several Stallions travelled to Fort Pierce to spend the day cleaning up and organizing their lab. We brought them tools, including various saws, drills, and batteries, as well as our CNC machine.