Girls in engineering

We invited about 20 4th and 5th grade girls into the lab to show them around and give them exposure to robotics and engineering. We made it girls-only because traditionally, girls are under-represented in STEM, even from a young age, and we didn’t want the girls to feel overshadowed or intimidated by boys who already may know the skills. We showed them the 3D printers and CNC machine and taught them how to solder wires together and rivet. They all seemed incredibly enthusiastic and we actually inspired a few girls to join the FLL team.

SnapOn event

One of our sponsors Snap On Tools was gracious enough to make our
school a location to hold their “Tools of Triumph” event on February
14 2017. It was an a axing community event and brought mechanics and
tool heads to our school. We were able to show case not only to tools
but also the Stallion robotics team. Members of the team volunteered
and sold food and beverages and raised $____ for our robotics team.
Along with the fund raising, it was an amazing way for us to show our
sponsors what we are able to create with their tools.