In 2017 our team traveled to three different regionals: The South Florida, Orlando, and Brazos Valley Regionals. Our team was able to win the Engineering Inspiration award and attend the World Championships in Houston.

South Florida Regional

  • Rank 29 with a record of 4-6-0

Orlando Regional

  • Rank 20 with a record of 5-3-0

Brazos Valley regional

  • Rank 7 with a record of 8-5-0
  • Engineering Inspiration Award

Roebling Division

  • Rank 52 with a record of 4-6-0


In 2016 our team went to three regionals: The Orlando, Rocket City, and South Florida Regionals. Along with that we were also able to participate in the World Championship in St.Louis.

Orlando Regional

  • Rank 24 with a record of 5-4-0

Rocket City Regional

  • Rank of 19 with a record of 8-8-0

South Florida Regional

  • Rank 25 with a record of 9-9-0

Carver Division 

  • rank 28 with a record of 6-4-0

2015 FIRST Recycle Rush

2015 was the team’s first year active. We attended two regionals: The South Florida and Orlando Regionals. We were able to win two awards at the Orlando Regional: The Rookie all-star and Highest Rookie Seed. In this year we were also able to attend the World championship in St.Louis.

South Florida Regional

  • Rank 35 with a qual score of 43.90

Orlando Regional

  • Rank 15 with an average qual score of 73.60 and a playoff score of 88.60
  • Rookie All-Star
  • Highest Rookie Seed

Curie Division

  • Rank 56 with an average qual score of 107.10