Giving back… A breakfast bake sale

bake sale 1

Team 5472 wants to give back to the community and help other schools start their own robotics programs. A few weeks ago we held a bake sale. It was not just any bake sale but a special breakfast bake sale. We cooked up eggs, omelettes, bacon and waffles besides selling the usual bake sale items like donuts, munchkins and muffins.

bake sale 2

The sale was a huge success and our fellow students came out in droves to get a taste of the yumminess we made and support our mission. We were able to ship a laptop and Lego Mindstorm Robotics Kit to the San Antonio R.C. School in Belize with the money we collected.

bake sale 4

It’s our goal to provide more lap tops and robotics kits to this school and others who want to start their own robotics programs but don’t have the funds to do so.

bake sale 3

Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy some delicious food and support Team 5472. We appreciate it!